Economics from the ground up

ISBN: 978-1-921813-57-3
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Economics from the ground up (3rd edition)

Romeo Salla, Timmee Grinham & Christopher Christies

The 3rd edition of this popular text continues to be packed with colourful Application Exercises, Contemporary Case Studies, Review Questions and Crosswords. The richness and breadth of the activities enables teachers to ‘pick and choose’ activities based on the interests of their class or the direction of their lessons. There are hundreds of like activities through the text, carefully placed to add life and relevance to each of the key knowledge points from the Study Design. The activities cater to students of all abilities and assists them to develop the key skills outlined in the Study Design, through the collection, interpretation and analysis of economic data.

In some respects, the structure of the text enables it to be used as a series of lesson plans, and the compact layout facilitates self-paced and student directed learning. Students can be directed to work through a section of the text, completing the Review Questions at the end of each section and attempting some or all of the Application Exercises/CaseStudies that are specifically designed for applied learning. This approach helps students to develop the key knowledge and skills for each of the five areas of study. In many instances, teachers also have the option of downloading an additional range of Case Studies and other activities that approach the content in greater depth. Accordingly, the range of activities in the text and on the website will provide hours of extension work for the keen student of Economics.

The 3rd edition of ‘Economics from the ground up’ includes the following features that will help to make the teaching and learning of Economics fun and enjoyable:

  • Comprehensive and up to date coverage of all five areas of study in VCE Economics Units 1&2
  • Application exercises and review questions throughout each chapter
  • A unique and easy to follow approach to the study of markets and the market mechanism
  • Chapter summaries and review crosswords at the end of each chapter
  • Study tips/myth busters throughout the text to clarify key points and dispel common misconceptions
  • Numerous multiple choice questions
  • Glossary of terms/dictionary at the end of the text
  • Opportunities for students to explore topics further through web-based research tasks
  • Web support via a stand-alone website (

About The Authors

Romeo Salla completed Honours and Masters degrees in Commerce (Economics major) at the University of Melbourne before moving to Canberra to work as an Economist with the Commonwealth Department of Treasury. After a few years he was promoted within the federal bureaucracy to the position of Senior Economist with the Industry Commission (now Productivity Commission). After moving into education in the mid 1990s, he has had over 20 years experience as Economics educator, writer, and tutor, teaching VCE and IB Economics at large Victorian secondary schools. Romeo has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an assessor of final examinations since 1995 and is a prolific writer of assessment material in Economics. He is the founder of the website, has contributed to various publications, and regularly presents to Economics teachers and students on behalf of the VCTA and CPAP. Romeo is also the author of the CPAP Study Guide to VCE Economics, co-author of Monumental Humanities 3 (Cambridge) and co-author of Economic Fundamentals in Australia (CPAP). He has also developed the popular smartphone App (Economics Tutor) containing 1000+ multiple choice and short answer questions.

Timmee Grinham completed a Bachelor of Economics (Economics and Politics majors) with Honours in Politics and a Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University, Melbourne. Following her undergraduate studies, Timmee worked towards a PhD in Women’s Studies, during which time she was employed as a Tutor and sessional Lecturer. Her interest in gender studies and development issues are reflected in her contributions to this book. Timmee was the Assistant Editor of the Australian Tax Forum during her undergraduate studies, and she worked as an editor for the Monash Postgraduate Association, acquiring skills she brought to the co-editing of this textbook. Since completing her Graduate Diploma in Education, Timmee has worked as a senior Commerce (Economics and Business Management) and Humanities teacher at several government and independent schools. Timmee contributes to various publications and presents professional development sessions to other teachers of Economics. She is also author of the quarterly CPAP Updates for VCE Economics Units 3 and 4 and co-author of Economic Fundamentals in Australia (CPAP, 2019). Timmee has worked as an assessor of final examinations in VCE Economics and Business Management, and chairs the Economics Advisory Group of the VCTA. In 2017, Timmee was appointed as a member of the inaugural Reserve Bank of Australia Educators Advisory Panel. Timmee currently teaches at Fintona Girls’ School.

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Christopher Christies completed a Bachelor of Economics degree (Economics major) and a Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University. He has taught in government, Catholic and independent schools, and in both co-educational and single gender settings for over 20 years. During this time he has also served as Head of Humanities & Business Studies. Since 2014 he has taught at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School. Christopher has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an assessor of final examinations and was a member of the panel of experts that developed the new VCE Economics Study Design (2017-2021) and advice for teachers. He is a regular contributor to the VCTA’s COMPAK journal and writes examinations for commercial publications. A particular area of interest is using economic insights to explain everyday life.