Unit 3/4 exam preparation programs

Exam Prep Programs 2023

During 2023, Exam Preparation programs will be held in October either via Webinar or live programs at a central Melbourne location. Each lecture program will include advice on areas to focus, clarification of common errors made by past students, tips on how to allocate precious time, strategies to assist students to interpret questions and structure responses, an analysis of the most difficult questions and terms from past exams and an analysis of possible questions in light of recent developments.  Each program will conclude with an optional 30 minute Q&A session.

All students will also be provided with notes and CPAP presenters are experts in the relevant field, with years of combined experience as examination assessors. These strict requirements ensure that the highest quality information is imparted to students such that their preparation for examinations is significantly enhanced. All 3.5 hour course revision lectures continue to be reasonably priced at only $44 per person (Webinar) or $60 (live event).

Please note that the mode of delivery will be determined by the end of Term 2 2023.  Note that no recordings of CPAP programs are made (live or webinar).

Testimonials (General)

A.P. University High School

The CPAP eco exam prep lectures are the BEST lectures I have ever been to. The notes are fantastic and the quality of the presentation is of a very high standard. I learned many tricks and other useful points for the final exam which I otherwise would not have known. I've never met someone who explains concepts so clearly and effectively.

Simone Petrovski

Mill Park Secondary College

Exam tips, were really helpful- gives better understanding of what to focus on. Opinions coming from the assessor are really helpful. How to effectively answer questions on the exam were helpful and how to gain full marks . information comes from many different resources.

Alicia Richmond

Mill Park Secondary

Thankyou for a very detailed and specific overview of the course, with very helpful exam techniques as well as an in depth discussion of the inter relation of all the concepts. As well as the inclusion of websites! The length of the session was very good, although it would be beneficial to be longer!

Monica Grierson

Macrobertson Girls' High School

Both lecturers were motivational and excellent at clarifying key areas of the study design and highlighting trouble areas. The summary notes distributed were of a high quality and extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Overall a truly fantastic lecture.

James Paolvcci

Marcellin College

Whilst it is integral to have a sound knowledge of the course, this session on the structuring of questions is that extra 10% that one needs to ensure a great study score integral for those who wish to achieve a study score above 40.

Robert Jaswick, Teacher, Brighton Secondary College.

The students really appreciated your Lectures and some of the raw comments included: ‘He really knew his stuff;’ ‘He gave us heaps of tips and useful info;’ ‘He went to a lot of trouble to provide us with current stats’, ‘lots of good exam tips’….

Jess Barlow, Mater Christi College

The exam prep lectures were totally awesome, really beneficial and the jokes were great!! The program was delivered in and interesting and entertaining way. Did not get boring like other lectures often are. I highly recommend them because some of the common exam mistakes he identified really helped me to improve how i answer questions.

Students from St Joseph’s College, Nth Melbourne

‘Value for money was good’; ‘excellent presentation’; ‘Good value , covered years work letting us know key exam questions’ ‘Lecture was great especially having access to the website’, Great presentation, website really essential to our exams’, ‘Good presentation excellent website with all the info and exams’, .Good value for money and excellent material’ It was very good, good notes’, ‘Overall very good presentation, got a great deal out of it and was worth every dollar notes were awesome as well as the website!’

Steven Batinovic, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College.

‘The lecture was definitely good value for the small price that was paid. The information and tips provided within the lecture have very much heightened my confidence and knowledge about the exam’.

Joshua Munro, Mowbray College

‘The amount paid for your lecture was quite miniscule considering how beneficial it was. I feel like my exam result will reap the rewards when I remember the important things you taught. I was particularly impressed and learnt most when you went through past exam questions and showed 'how' to answer them. This showed me the things that assessors were looking for and what should be included in an answer. Your jokes and good sense of humour lightened the mood and created a great environment for me personally to learn in. But definitely the most important and beneficial part was when you spoke about the policy mix questions. You explained it clearly and precisely but with enough depth to display a 'full mark' response.’