Legal Fundamentals in Australia

ISBN: 978-1-921813-59-7 

2nd edition for 2021-23

The textbook contains all of the content and features that made the first edition a useful resource for teachers and students.  However, our authors are currently in the process of making edits and revisions that are designed to:

  • Update students and teachers about the latest legal events that are relevant to the VCE Legal Studies study designs
  • Include additional activities and exercises designed to engage students
  • Include updated case examples throughout
  • Introduce a new ‘assessment preparation’ section at the end of every chapter designed to help students prepare for assessment tasks
  • Improve the layout and style (e.g. larger font sizes in the popular evaluation boxes/activities and more targeted chapter summaries).

To view Chapter 1 proofs, click on the link below left.

This textbook has not been updated for the new Study Design.  However it remains a valuable teacher resource with many activities and exercises that can be taken into the classroom.

About The Authors

Dr Megan Blake (LLB, BA (Melb) Dip Ed, Postgrad Dip Arts (Research), PhD (Monash)) completed a law degree at the University of Melbourne and worked for a number of years with private law firms and large corporations. Since joining the teaching profession, Megan has been a teacher of VCE Legal Studies and has been actively involved in Legal Studies education. She had positions of responsibility with the VCAA, most recently as a member of the panel designing the 2011-2017 Legal Studies Study Design, and she has had a number of years experience as a VCE Legal Studies examination assessor. Megan is a prolific writer of Legal Studies resources, co-authoring the CPAP Study Guide to VCE Legal Studies, authoring the quarterly CPAP Legal Studies Updates and writing CPAP practice examinations and assessment tasks. Megan has also authored works for Jacaranda and has extensive experience presenting student lectures and workshops.

Jane Edwards (BA, LLB (Hons) Dip Ed (Melb)) completed the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours, at the University of Melbourne. She joined the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as a graduate and worked for a number of years in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, consumer protection and litigation. Jane trained as a Commonwealth investigator, and participated in a number of the Commission’s cases in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Federal Court, the Full Federal Court and the High Court of Australia. After qualifying as a teacher in 2007, Jane has taught Legal Studies and English at Methodist Ladies College. She has contributed Legal Studies classroom activities to the VCTA’s online resource Compak, and has presented to Legal Studies teachers at the VCTA’s Comview Conference.

Matt Richardson (B.A., Dip Ed) is currently the Humanities Leader at Ballarat High School and has over 20 years’ experience teaching Business Management and Legal Studies. Matt is the co-author of several textbooks in the areas of Business Management, Legal Studies, Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship. He has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an examination vetter and examination assessor. He has presented professional development sessions for the Victorian Commerce Teachers Association (VCTA) and has contributed articles to the VCTA journal Compak. Matt presents student revision and exam preparation lectures and is also the writer of CPAP Business Management assessment tasks, practice examinations and Quarterly Updates.