Legal Studies from the ground up

ISBN: 978-1-921813-60-3 

New 2nd edition for 2021-22

The textbook contains all of the content and features that made the first edition a useful resource for teachers and students.  However, our authors are currently in the process of making edits and revisions that are designed to:

  • Update students and teachers about the latest legal events that are relevant to the VCE Legal Studies study designs
  • Include additional activities and exercises designed to engage students
  • Include updated case examples throughout
  • Introduce a new ‘assessment preparation’ section at the end of every chapter designed to help students prepare for assessment tasks

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ISBN: 978-1-921813-41-2
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Legal Studies from the ground up (1st edition)

A textbook for students of VCE Legal Studies Units 1&2

Jane Edwards, Cathy Gentile Renda

CPAP are proud to announce the publication of the ‘Legal Studies from the ground up —a textbook for students of VCE Legal Studies Units 1&2’.

The 1st edition of this textbook will be packed with colourful Application Exercises, Case Studies, Review Questions and Crosswords.  The richness and breadth of the activities will add life and relevance to each of the key knowledge points from the VCE Legal Studies Units 1 and 2 Study Design (2018-2022). The activities will cater to students of all abilities and assist them to develop the key skills outlined in the Study Design.

The structure of the text may enable it to be used as a series of lesson plans, and the compact layout will facilitate self-paced and student directed learning.  Students can be directed to work through a section of the text, completing the Review Questions at the end of each section and attempting some or all of the Application Exercises/CaseStudies that are specifically designed for applied learning.  This approach helps students to develop the key knowledge and skills for each of the five areas of study. 

The 1st edition of ‘Legal Studies from the ground up’ includes the following features that will help to make the teaching and learning of VCE Legal Studies fun and enjoyable:

  •  Comprehensive and up to date coverage of all six areas of study in VCE Legal Studies Units 1&2
  • Application exercises and review questions throughout each chapter
  • Chapter summaries and review crosswords at the end of each chapter
  • Study tips/myth busters throughout the text to clarify key points and dispel common misconceptions
  • Up-to-date information about the Legal system in Australia, including reference to the latest changes to relevant legislation and reference to recent legal cases
  • Numerous case studies
  • Glossary of terms/dictionary at the end of the text
  • Web support via a stand-alone website (

About The Authors

Jane Edwards (BA, LLB (Hons) Dip Ed (Melb)) completed the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours, at the University of Melbourne. She joined the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as a graduate and worked for a number of years in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, consumer protection and litigation. Jane trained as a Commonwealth investigator, and participated in a number of the Commission’s cases in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Federal Court, the Full Federal Court and the High Court of Australia. After qualifying as a teacher in 2007, Jane has taught Legal Studies and English at Methodist Ladies College. She has contributed Legal Studies classroom activities to the VCTA’s online resource Compak, and has presented to Legal Studies teachers at the VCTA’s Comview Conference.

Cathy Gentile Renda (B.Bus., Dip Ed) completed a Bachelor of Business/ Commercial Law Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Education, and has worked in private law firms. Since joining the teaching profession, Cathy has been actively involved in Legal Studies education as an experienced teacher of VCE Legal Studies, VCE Business Management and Commerce at St. Monica’s College, Epping. Cathy has held numerous positions of responsibility at the VCAA, including experience as VCE Legal Studies State Reviewer and Examination Assessor. In addition, Cathy has been a Study Specialist VCE Examination Reviewer and Vetter for the VCAA and was a member of VCAA’s VCE Legal Studies Review Panel involved in developing the 2011-2017 Study Design. Cathy is also a Co-Author of VCE Legal Studies textbooks for Jacaranda relating to the previous Study Design (Key Concepts in VCE Legal Studies) and has written online assessment material for Oxford University Press. She has presented PD sessions for the VCTA and has written VCE Legal Studies articles and practice examinations for the VCTA and other organisations.

Matt Richardson (B.A., Dip Ed) is currently the Humanities Leader at Ballarat High School and has over 20 years’ experience teaching Business Management and Legal Studies. Matt is the co-author of several textbooks in the areas of Business Management, Legal Studies, Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship. He has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an examination vetter and examination assessor. He has presented professional development sessions for the Victorian Commerce Teachers Association (VCTA) and has contributed articles to the VCTA journal Compak. Matt presents student revision and exam preparation lectures and is also the writer of CPAP Business Management assessment tasks, practice examinations and Quarterly Updates.

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