About Us

Commerce Presentations and Publications (CPAP) is a quality provider of curriculum resources and other information for teachers and students of VCE Commerce and Humanities subjects. CPAP utilises the skills of professional educators who are recognised leaders within their subject area to provide relevant and contemporary resources that are designed to challenge students and ease teacher workloads. All CPAP resources are designed to help teachers deliver their curriculum in a way that provides for a deeper understanding of their subject and fosters a thirst for learning.

CPAP resources include the following:

  • Study Guides for students and teaches, including the CPAP Study Guides to VCE Economics, Accounting, Legal Studies and Business Mgt
  • Textbooks including the VCE Economics texts; 'Economic Fundamentals in Australia',''Economics from the ground up', as well as the Legal Studies textbooks,‘Legal Fundamentals in Australia', and,'Legal Studies from the ground up'
  • Quarterly VCE subject updates for Business Management, Economics, Global Politics and Legal Studies;
  • Practice exams for Economics, Accounting, Legal Studies, Business Management and Global Politics created on an annual basis;
  • VCE Unit 3 and 4 assessment tasks covering all outcomes for Economics, Accounting, Legal Studies and Business Management and created on an annual basis (available for purchase by schools only) ;
  • Course Revision/Exam Preparation Lectures in Economics, Accounting, Legal Studies, Business Management and Global Politics conducted in June and Sep/October;
  • Annual VCE subject workshops held in the September school holidays ; and
  • Seminars/workshops/information sessions for teachers on curriculum development.
  • Assessment services: a limited number of opportunities for schools to outsource some of their assessment/correction in the subjects of Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies.