CPAP Study Guide to VCE Accounting

The CPAP Study Guide to VCE Accounting (5th ed)

The 5th edition of the CPAP Study Guide to VCE Accounting by Adrian Peacock is a 200+ page publication that is designed to supplement any senior Accounting text and closely follows the VCE Accounting Study Design. It includes the key information students require to successfully complete the VCE Accounting Unit 3 and 4 course. The Guide is written by an experienced teacher who has had extensive experience as an Assessor in VCE Accounting. The guide places a strong emphasis upon preparation for assessment tasks, in particular, the end of year examination.

ISBN: 978-1-921813-48-1

The CPAP Study Guide to VCE Accounting includes:

  • reference throughout the publication to ‘interpretation errors’ students should avoid in the examination, including the common mistakes made by students in recent examinations!;
  • a concise and easy to understand coverage of the course content;
  • ‘mini exams’ that will follow each area of study (four in total), complete with suggested responses at the end of the book;  
  • review questions throughout the publication (with answers on CPAP website);
  • A unique ‘You be the Assessor’ section for each area of study; and

About the author and editor

Adrian Peacock has a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from RMIT, a Diploma of Business (Banking and Finance), a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting and a Dip Ed (ACU). He worked as a Chartered Accountant for a number of years before entering the teaching profession and has become an experienced assessor of end of year examinations, and reviewer/presenter for various organisations. He is prolific writer of assessment material for VCE Accounting teachers and students and has a unique ability to engage students. He most recently taught VCE Accounting at Haileybury College and is currently working at Monash University delivering the first year Accounting program and Enhancement program to VCE students.

Greg Gould [B .Ed (Business Studies), B. Bus (Accounting)] has been teaching senior Accounting in government and independent schools for more than 30 years. Currently Greg is Head of Commerce at Methodist Ladies’ College and a lecturer and tutor at Swinburne University for undergraduate and post graduate Accounting courses. He has developed extensive curriculum resources for teachers and students of Accounting using manual recording and Information and Communications Technology. He is a regular presenter at teacher professional development sessions for the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). He has presented student lectures in Accounting since 1995. He was a member of the VCAA writing panel for the current Accounting study