CPAP Study Guide to VCE Legal Studies

The CPAP Study Guide to VCE Legal Studies 10th edition

The 11th edition of the CPAP Study Guide to VCE legal studies (2022) is a publication that is designed to supplement any senior Legal Studies text and closely follows the Legal Studies Study Design. It includes the key information students require to successfully complete the VCE Legal Studies Unit 3 and 4 course. Megan has extensive experience as a teacher, presenter and examination assessor in VCE Legal Studies and is the co-author of Legal Fundamentals in Australia. The guide places a strong emphasis upon preparation for assessment tasks, in particular, the end of year examination.

The CPAP Study Guide to VCE legal studies includes:

  • reference throughout the publication to ‘interpretation errors’ students should avoid in the examination, including the common mistakes made by students in recent examinations!;
  • a concise and easy to understand coverage of the course content;
  • ‘mini exams’ that follow each area of study (four in total), complete with suggested responses at the end of the book;
  • review questions throughout the publication;
  • extensive ‘up to date’ examination advice at the end of the Study Guide;
  • a bonus examination with downloadable answers; and
  • a new section following each area of study titled ‘You be the Assessor’ with analysis of sample responses

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Megan Blake (LLB, BA (Melb) Dip Ed, Postgrad Dip Arts (Research) (Monash)) completed a law degree at the University of Melbourne and worked for a number of years with private law firms and large corporations. Since joining the teaching profession, Megan has been a teacher of VCE Legal Studies and has been actively involved in Legal Studies education. She had positions of responsibility with the VCAA, most recently as a member of the panel designing the 2011-2017 Legal Studies Study Design, and she has had a number of years experience as a VCE Legal Studies examination assessor. Megan is a prolific writer of Legal Studies resources, co-authoring Legal Fundamentals in Australia, authoring the quarterly CPAP Legal Studies Updates and writing CPAP practice examinations and assessment tasks. Megan has also authored works for Jacaranda and has extensive experience presenting student lectures and workshops.