CPAP Q&A sessions

During 2023, CPAP will offer Q&A sessions on an ‘on demand’ basis.

CPAP consultants/subject experts have many years of experience as examination assessors, senior VCE teachers and presenters for the VCTA and/or CPAP.  They will field questions relating to either content (e.g. interpretation of key knowledge points from the Study Design) and/or application (e.g. how to effectively apply knowledge when responding to examination questions). These Q&A sessions priced at $30 per participant for a 90 minute session, with the minimum number of 12 attendees per session required for a valid booking.

If your school would like to make a booking, then please send an email to with the number of students in the session and preferred times.  The CPAP consultants/subject experts in each of the relevant subjects are as follows::

Legal Studies: Megan Blake                                 

Economics:  Romeo Salla     

Business Mgt:  Rebecca Jepson

Accounting:  Adrian Peacock

Global Politics:  Gus Humphries                                                

Please note that CPAP Q&A sessions will be live events only (i.e. no recordings will be made).