Q&A sessions

CPAP Q&A sessions 2020

During 2020, CPAP will be running  Q and A Webinar sessions (2 1/2 hours in length) for students and teachers from the 25th of October.  There will be two panelists per session, both experts in the relevant subjects with many years of experience as examination assessors.  They will field questions relating to either content (e.g. interpretation of key knowledge points from the Study Design) and/or application (e.g. how to effectively apply knowledge when responding to examination questions). These Q&A sessions are priced at $33 per participant and the panelists in each of the relevant subjects are as follows:

Legal Studies:  Lisa Fillippin & Megan Blake                                 25/10 2.00pm

Economics:  Romeo Salla & Timmee Grinham                            25/10 9.30am

Business Mgt:  John Mitchell & Rebecca Jepson                        27/10 4.30pm

Accounting:  CANCELLED

Global Politics: Gus Humphries & Adam Brodie-McKenzie        2/11 4.30pm

Please note that CPAP webinars are live events only (i.e. no recordings will be made).